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Jesus was prophesied  to come to the Earth and take away our sins.  He did.  He was an innocentman that came to Earth to die for our sins so that we may have a chance to one day join him and his father in Heaven.  That is his gift to us.  All you have to do is receive him and you join the biggest battle in the history of the universe! 

You recieve him by telling him that you know you are a sinner and that there is no way you can get yourself to heaven except through Jesus Christ and his gift to you.   Confess of your sins and tell him you trust him. 

This is all written in the Bible if you want to read it. 

Join the battle today and live the amazing affects for the rest of your life, and into Heaven!  The choice is yours!

God is waiting to here from you!  God isn’t a religion.  He isn’t about how many times you go to church or how much time you spend in the Bible a day.  He is not a legalistic God.  He is all about his relationship with you.  His Daughter.  His Son.   He wants to stand by your side and teach you his ways so that you  may be like him.  When you reach Heaven you will rule by his side!  You were made to be royalty.  You were made to Rule.  Don’t throw out that life opportunity!  Take hold of this free gift and run for it is the best gift someone could give you.  Eternal salvation. 

Accept this gift.   Welcome to the family!


We are that generation!  We need to rise up and take a stand as the warriors that we were made to be.  Adults tell you that times are going to get worse but you don’t care.  You think, “Well heck, it isn’t goin to affect me!”  Heck yes it is.  Bad times are coming but they decide if even worse times come while you are an adult.  We need to do something about the times now so when we are older we will have better times.

   Some teenagers think that they stand up to prove themselves by doing things against their parent’s wishes.  NOT THE IDEA!!!  They do things like cuss, drink, do drugs, tatoos, piercings, and so on and so forth.  These things are just making a bad name for this generation!!!  Do we really want to be known as the generation that has done all this!  Come on!!!  Take your stand!  This is our time to prove ourselves. STAND UP! 

    Well, you may ask, “How do we stand up to prove ourselves if we can’t take any of those “obvious” routes.  Well, you can join the fight!  The fight against good and evil!!!!  This fight is so grand that it decides the outcome of the world for eternity, although it has already been decided who wins in heaven!  These fight stands up for the Lord!!!!  It is a slap in the face to most of America and their ways!!!!!  What better way to stand up for our generation.  Be the generation that fought for the Lord of all Lords, Maker of Heaven and Earth. 

Stand up and take your stand…God’s Way!!!

There are many Christians in the world who don’t have a problem going to church every Sunday and praying before dinner each night and then watching, saying, listening, and doing things that don’t honor God the rest of the time.  Is that really giving God your all to be the best person you can be? 

First lets start with certain movies that some Christians, and everyone else, watch.  Movies with cursing, sleezy dressed people, violence, and sexual scenes are not at all pleasing to God.  On Sundays when you go to church you ask God to reside in you, but God can not be where darkness is and the above are sure as heck darkness.  If you watch those kinds of movies they get into your heart and then your soul, that is the place where God wants to live in you don’t fill up his home with garbage!

Do you know how much the music you listen to can affect you????  A TON!!!  For example if you listen to nice peaceful music then you will feel rested and calm usually.  What affect would listening to Screamo have on your body.   This along with other songs from many other music types put negative spirits into your mind and body.  When those negative spirits are let in it is difficult to get them out and they can get worse and worse, just protect your heart from the beginning and don’t subject yourself to that kind of music.

God wants your body to be a place where he can reside and be with you.  Don’t fill it with darkness, where the Lord can not be!


Ever gotten so sick of life you knew you just had to do something about it?  So, you go out and do drugs or drink your way out of your problems.  That is not the way!  The way is through Christ.  Ask him and he will give you such great peace.  There is not peace like the peace you get straight from Heaven!  It is better then blocking out the problems with music, tv, or anything.  It is the ultimate medicine for life.  Just accept the peace He brings you and praise him!  Get the ultimate peace…all you have to do is ask!!!!!

There is no peace like God’s peace.  It makes you feel like there is not a care in the world.  And then if you have problems you can talk them out with God!  He is there waiting to here from you and give you peace from your worries!


Well, I was trying to think of something to write about so I asked God and I got the verse Psalm 103:9 so here goes.  The verse says, “He will not always accuse, nor will he harbor his anger forever

Now isn’t that just an awesome verse.  God will not always accuse even though He knows we need it and deserve it.  He is a forgiving God ready to forgive you when you ask and put it behind him.  This sounds especially refreshing for those teenagers out there who are judged for being different.   They feel like they can’t do anything right and that they are always being accused, catch that word.  Well, you can go to God and he is there for you to talk to.  I mean you can talk about the problems you are facing and ask him what you should do.  He isn’t going to accuse you for finding yourself in that situation, it might break his heart though, but he will be happy you came to him and he will give you advice. 

The second part of the verse says that he will not harbor anger forever!  Well, that is just awesome in my opinion.  I hate it when you do something wrong and feel bad about it but when you go to say sorry the person doesn’t forgive you.  You know the person that you hurt the most by your actions is God, he hurts every time you tell a lie or bring someone else down.  And He, the one you hurt the most, is the most forgiving.  He is ready to put anything behind him, all you have to do is ask!


There are many people around the world who believe that there are many ways for one to get to Heaven.  Nope.  The only way to reach God is through His Son, Jesus Christ.  One of the more common ways people think they can get to Heaven is by their good deeds and how they live their life.  Again, not so.  We get to Heaven by confessing our sins to God and accepting His forgiveness and the reality that He died on the cross so that we may have the free gift of eternity with him!  It is not by being good, being polite, reading your Bible everyday, or giving to a charity.  Yes, those things are all things that a daughter or son do but not because they have to but because they want to show their appreciation to there Father by being the best person they know how and can be.  Another thing is God loves all  his children, not some more or less either.  God loves the drunk as much as he loves the Bible school teacher.  You may break His heart by choosing some of the actions you choose but he still loves you.

    Some people think that by their good deeds they get to Heaven!  Not so!  You get to Heaven by way other then the impossible of trying to be perfect.  You get to heaven by accepting His gift of everlasting life.  Now this doesn’t mean you become a Christian do whatever you want and not feel bad because you don’t get to heaven by being good.  This means that you don’t try to be perfect to get to heaven but you still live by your convictions and accept God’s gift of forgiveness when you do wrong.  But that also doesn’t mean that you can just go about making mistakes and accepting God’s forgiveness because that is just not the way it works!